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Jose Smith y sus esposas

Estas son las esposas “oficiales” de José Smith.

Nombre de la esposa Fecha matrimonio Edad Esposo

Emma Hale 1827 Enero 22 NONE
Fanny Alger 1834 16 NONE
Lucinda Morgan Harris 1839 37 George W. Harris
Louisa Beaman 1841Abril 26 NONE
Zina Huntington Jacobs 1841Octubre 20 Henry Jacobs
Presendia Huntington Buell 1841Diciembre 31 Norman Buell
Agnes Coolbrith 1842 Enero 33 NONE
Sylvia Sessions Lyon 1842 Febrero 23 Windsor Lyon
Mary Rollins Lightner 1842 Febrero 23 Adam Lightner
Patty Bartlett Sessions 1842 Marzo 47 David Sessions
Marinda Johnson Hyde 1842 abril 27 Orson Hyde
Elizabeth Davis Durfee 1842 junio 50 Jabez Durfee
Sarah Kingsley Cleveland 1842 junio 53 John Cleveland
Delcena Johnson 1842 julio 37 NONE
Eliza R. Snow 1842 junio 38 NONE
Sarah Ann Whitney Jul 1842 julio 17 NONE
Martha McBride Knight Aug 1842 agosto 37 NONE
Ruth Vose Sayers Feb 1843 febrero 33 Edward Sayers
Flora Ann Woodworth Spring 1843 marzo 16 NONE
Emily Dow Partridge Mar 1843 marzo 19 NONE
Eliza Maria Partridge Mar 1843 marzo 22 NONE
Almera Johnson Apr 1843 abril 30 NONE
Lucy Walker May 1843 mayo 17 NONE
Sarah Lawrence May 1843 mayo 17 NONE
Maria Lawrence May 1843 mayo 19 NONE
Helen Mar Kimball May 1843 mayo 14 NONE
Hanna Ells Mid 1843 junio 29 NONE
Elvira Cowles Holmes Jun 1843 junio 29 Jonathan Holmes
Rhoda Richards Jun 1843 junio 58 NONE
Desdemona Fullmer Jul 1843 julio 32 NONE
Olive Frost Mid 1843 junio 27 NONE
Melissa Lott Sep 1843 septiembre 19 NONE
Nancy Winchester 1843 14 NONE
Fanny Young Nov 1843 noviembre 56 NONE

Esta es una carta manuscrita de Jose Smith invitando a los padres de los Whitney para que le trajeran a su hija, ya que Emma no estaba en ese momento.

Cara anterior de la carta

1 Nauvoo, August 18th 1842
2 Dear, and Beloved, Brother and
3 Sister, Whitney, and & c.--
4 I take this opportunity to communicate,
5 Some of my feelings, privetely at
6 this time, which I want you three
7 Eternaly to keep in your own
8 bosams; for my feelings are so
9 Strong for you Since what has
10 pased lately between us, that the
11 time of my abscence from you
12 Seems so long, and dreary, that
13 it Seems, as if I could not live if you
14 long in this way; and ^ Three would
15 come and See me in this my lonely
16 retreat, it would afford me great
17 relief, of mind, if those with whom
18 I am alied, do love me, now is the
19 time to afford me succour; in the
20 days of exile, for you know I
21 foretold you of these things. I am
22 now at Carlos Graingers, Just back
23 of Brother Hyrums farm, it is only one
24 mile from town, the nights are
25 very pleasant, indeed, all three of can
26 you come^ and See me in the
27 fore part of the night, let Brother
28 Whitney come a little a head, and
29 nock at the south East corner of the
30 the house att ^ window; it is next to
31 the cornfield; I have a room inti-
32 -rely by myself, the whole matter
33 can be attended to with most perfect know
34 Safty, I ^ it is the will of God that you me
35 should comfort ^ now in this time
36 of affliction, or not at all, now is the

Cara posterior de la carta

1 time or never, but I hav no kneed of saying
2 any such thing, to you, for I know the
3 goodness of your hearts, and that you
4 will do the will of the Lord, when it is
5 made known to you; the only thing
6 to be careful of, is to find out when
7 Emma comes then you cannot be
8 Safe, but when She is not here, there
9 is the most perfect Safty: only be
10 careful to escape observation, as
11 much as possible, I know it is a
12 heroick undertaking; but so much
13 the greater friendship, and the more will
14 Joy, when I see you I ^ tell you all
15 my plans, I cannot write them on
16 paper, burn this letter as soon as you
17 read it; keep all locked up in
18 your breasts, my life depends up-
19 -on it. one thing I want to see you to
20 for is ^ git the fulness of my blessing
21 Sealed upon our heads, &c. you
22 will pardon me for my ernest- this subject
23 -ness on ^ when you consider how
24 lonesome I must be, your good make
25 feelings know how to ^ every allow
26 -ance for me, I close my letter.
27 I think Emma wont come tonight
28 if she dont dont fail to come to
29 night, I subscribe myself your and
30 most obedient, ^ affectionate,
31 Companion, and friend.
32 Joseph Smith
The letter and signature are in the handwriting of Joseph Smith.


la única cosa en que hay que tener cuidado es el de saber cuando viene Emma (la primera esposa de Smith) pues entonces no puedes estar seguro, pero cuando no esté ella, entonces hay perfecta seguridad…
‘Solamente cuídense de escapar observación, tanto sea posible, yo sé que es un esfuerzo heroico, pero tanto la mayor amistad, y la mayor alegría, cuando os veo, les diré todas mis planes, pero no puedo escribirlas en papel, por lo tanto quemen esta carta tan pronto la lean, mantengan a todo encerrado dentro de sus pechos, en ello mi vida depende. … Concluyo a mi carta, pienso que Emma (su esposa) no vendrá esta noche si no llega, no fallen en venir esta noche, les os subscribo su obediente, cariñoso compañero y amigo, Joseph Smith’.

¿Porque tanto secretismo? ¿Acaso sabia que no estaba haciendo lo correcto?

Como puede verse al principio no solo hubo poligamia , tambien hubo poliandria

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