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El sombrero traductor

Esta es la foma que dicen los lideres mormones de como se tradujo el libro de Mormon
Pero la verdad es que fue de esta manera.
Sino te lo crees mira lo que dice un amigo suyo.

Puedes comprobarlo viendo los testimonios de los testigos del Libro de Mormon que vieron como Jose Smith no traducia de la planchas. Solo utilizaba tecnicas adivinatorias.
He añadido el propio tesimonio de David Whitmer. Pueden comporbar que da su propio testimonio de un profeta de Dios (José Smith)

Por lo tanto esta historia del sombrero es absolutamente cierta. 
Existen los testimonios de más de 5 personas escritos. Y todos ellos dan a Jose Smith la caracteristica de Profeta verdadero 

Y este el testimonio de la esposa de Jose Smith
Añado a este post el testimonio del padre de Emma Smith

Affidavit of Isaac Hale, father-in-law of Joseph Smith, Jr., given at Harmony Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania on 20 March 1834
Source: "Mormonism," Susquehanna Register, and Northern Pennsylvanian 9 (1 May 1834):1, Montrose, Pennsylvania, emphasis omitted. Paragraphs are shortened for easier reading.

I first became acquainted with Joseph Smith, Jr. in November, 1825. He was at that time in the employ of a set of men who were called "money-diggers;" and his occupation was that of seeing, or pretending to see by means of a stone placed in his hat, and his hat closed over his face. In this way he pretended to discover minerals and hidden treasure. His appearance at this time, was that of a careless young man - not very well educated, and very saucy and insolent to his father.
Smith, and his father, with several other 'money-diggers' boarded at my house while they were employed in digging for a mine that they supposed had been opened and worked by the Spaniards, many years since. Young Smith gave the 'money-diggers' great encouragement, at first, but when they had arrived in digging, to near the place where he had stated an immense treasure would be found - he said the enchantment was so powerful that he could not see. They then became discourged, and soon after dispersed. This took place about the 17th of November, 1825; and one of the company gave me his note for $12[.]68 for his board, which is still unpaid.
After these occurrences, young Smith made several visits at my house, and at length asked my consent to his marrying my daughter Emma. This I refused, and gave him my reasons for so doing; some of which were, that he was a stranger, and followed a business that I could not approve; he then left the place. Not long after this, he returned, and while I was absent from home, carried off my daughter, into the state of New York, where they were married without my approbation or consent.
After they had arrived at Palmyra [Manchester] N.Y., Emma wrote to me inquiring whether she could have her property, consisting of clothing, furniture, cows, &c. I replied that her property was safe, and at her disposal. In short time they returned, bringing with them a Peter Ingersol[l], and subsequently came to the conclusion that they would move out, and resided upon a place near my residence.
Smith stated to me, that he had given up what he called "glass-looking," and that he expected to work hard for a living, and was willing to do so. He also made arrangements with my son Alva Hale, to go to Palmyra, and move his (Smith's) furniture &c. to this place. He then returned to Palmyra, and soon after, Alva, agreeable to the arrangement, went up and returned with Smith and his family.
Soon after this, I was informed they had brought a wonderful book of Plates down with them. I was shown a box in which it is said they were contained, which had, to all appearances, been used as a glass box of the common sized window-glass. I was allowed to feel the weight of the box, and they gave me to understand, that the book of plates was then in the box - into which, however, I was not allowed to look.
I inquired of Joseph Smith Jr., who was to be the first who would be allowed to see the Book of Plates? He said it was a young child. After this, I became dissatisfied, and informed him that if there was any thing in my house of that description, which I could not be allowed to see, he must take it away; if he did not, I was determined to see it. After that, the Plates were said to be hid in the woods.
About this time, Martin Harris made his appearance upon the stage; and Smith began to interpret the characters or hieroglyphics which he said were engraven upon the plates, while Harris wrote down the interpretation. It was said, that Harris wrote down one hundred and sixteen pages, and lost them.
Soon after this happened, Martin Harris informed me that he must have a greater witness, and said that he had talked with Joseph about it - Joseph informed him that he could not, or durst not show him the plates, but that he (Joseph) would go into the woods where the Book of Plates was, and that after he came back, Harris should follow his track in the snow, and find the Book, and examine it for himself. Harris informed me afterwards, that he followed Smith's directions, and could not find the Plates, and was still dissatisfied.
The next day after this happened, I went to the house where Joseph Smith Jr., lived, and where he and Harris were engaged in their translation of the Book. Each of them had a written piece of paper which they were comparing, and some of the words were "my servant seeketh a greater witness, but no greater witness can be given him." There was also something said about "three that were to see the thing" - meaning I supposed, the Book of Plates, and that "if the three did not go exactly according to orders, the thing would be taken from them." I enquired whose words they were, and was informed by Joseph or Emma, (I rather think it was the former) that they were the words of Jesus Christ. I told them then, that I considered the whole of it a delusion, and advised them to abandon it.
The manner in which he pretended to read and interpret, was the same as when he looked for the money-diggers, with the stone in his hat, and his hat over his face, while the Book of Plates were at the same time in the woods!
After this, Martin Harris went away, and Oliver Cowd[e]ry came and wrote for Smith, while he interpreted as above described. This is the same Oliver Cowd[e]ry, whose name may be found in the Book of Mormon. Cowd[e]ry continued a scribe for Smith until the Book of Mormon was completed as I supposed, and understood.
Joseph Smith Jr. resided near me for some time after this, and I had a good opportunity of becoming acquainted with him, and somewhat acquainted with his associates, and I conscientiously believe from the facts I have detailed, and from many other circumstances, which I do not deem it necessary to relate, that the whole "Book of Mormon" (so called) is a silly fabrication of falsehood and wickedness, got up for speculation, and with a design to dupe the credulous and unwary - and in order that its fabricators might live upon the spoils of those who swallowed the deception.
Como se puede ver este testimonio es de varias personas que conocían personalmente a este "profeta" 
Affirmed to and subscribed before me, March 20th, 1834.

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Los 13 articulos de fe de Jose Smith maimonides

En la iglesia mormona siempre se dice que Jose Smith no era una persona instruida. ¿Pero como pudo casi copiar sus 13 articulos de fe de los articulos de fe de Maimonides? 
Miren y saquen sus propias conclusiones.
Iglesia Mormona “(1) Creemos en Dios, el Padre Eterno, en su hijo Jesucristo y en el Espíritu Santo.” 
Maimonides 1. Yo creo con fe completa, que el Creador (bendito su nombre), es creador y conductor de todas sus creaciones, y El solo hizo, hace y hará todas las cosas.
“(2) Creemos que los hombres serán castigados por sus propios pecados y no por la desobediencia de Adán.” 
2. Yo creo con fe completa, que el Creador (bendito su nombre), es uno y no hay unidad como esta. Y El solo es nuestro D-os, fue, es y será.
“(3) Creemos que a través de la expiación de Cristo todos los hombres son salvados, por su obediencia a las leyes y a las ordenanzas del Evangelio.” 
3. Yo creo con fe completa, que el creador (bendito su nombre), no tiene cuerpo, y las leyes de los cuerpos no lo afectan, y no tiene ninguna comparación con nada.
“(4) Creemos que ésas ordenanzas son: primero, fe en el señor Jesucristo; segundo, el arrepentimiento; tercero, el bautismo por inmersión para el perdón de los pecados; cuarto, la imposición de las manos para recibir los dones del Espíritu Santo.” 
4. Yo creo con fe completa, que el creador (bendito su nombre), es primero y último.
“(5) Creemos que un hombre debe ser llamado por Dios mediante profecía, y mediante la imposición de las manos por aquellos que tienen autoridad, para predicar el Evangelio y vigilar que se cumplan las ordenanzas mencionadas anteriormente.” 
5.Yo creo con fe completa, que el creador (bendito su nombre), a El solo se puede rezar, y no se puede rezar a ninguna otra cosa. 
“(6) Creemos en la misma organización que existió en la iglesia primitiva, como la de los apóstoles, profetas, pastores, evangelistas, etc.” 
6.Yo creo con fe completa, que todas las palabras de los profetas son verdad.
“(7) Creemos en el don de lenguas, profecía, revelación, visiones, curación, interpretación de lenguas, etc.” 
7.Yo creo con fe completa, que la profecía de Moshe Rabenu (Que este en paz), es verdadera, y que él es el superior de todos los profetas, los anteriores y los posteriores a él.
“(8) Creemos que la Biblia es la Palabra de Dios, en tanto sea correctamente traducida; también creemos que el “Libro de Mormón” es la palabra de Dios.” 
8.Yo creo con fe completa, que toda la Torá que esta e nuestras manos ahora, es la que le fue entregada a Moshe Rabenu (Que este en paz).
“(9) Creemos en todo lo que Dios ha revelado, en todo lo que hoy revela, y creemos que El aún revelará muchas cosas grandes e importantes acerca del Reino de Dios.” 
9.Yo creo con fe completa, que esta Torá, no será cambiada, y no va a haber otra Torá del Creador (bendito su nombre).
“(10) Creemos literalmente en la reunificación de Israel y en la restauración de las Diez Tribus. Que Sión será construida en éste continente. Que Cristo reinará personalmente en la tierra, y que ésta será renovada y recibirá la gloria del Paraíso.” 
10.Yo creo con fe completa, que el creador (bendito su nombre), sabe todos los actos de las personas y todos sus pensamientos, como esta escrito "El moldeo cada corazón El que entiende todos sus actos"
“(11) Reclamamos el privilegio de adorar al Dios Todopoderoso de acuerdo al dictado de nuestras conciencias, y permitimos a todos los hombres el mismo privilegio; permítansele adorar como, cuando o lo que ellos quieran.” 
11.Yo creo con fe completa, que el creador (bendito su nombre), recompensa a quienes cuidan sus mandamientos (Mitzvot, las 613, no solo los 10 mandamientos) y castiga a quienes los transgreden.
“(12) Creemos que estamos sujetos a reyes, presidentes, legisladores y magistrados para obedecer, honrar y respetar la ley.” 
12.Yo creo con fe completa, en la venida del redentor, y aunque se demore, de todas formas, espero cada día que llegue.
“(13) Creemos en que debemos ser honestos, veraces, castos, benévolos, virtuosos y hacedores del bien a todos los hombres; ciertamente podemos decir que seguimos la admonición de Pablo, “creemos en todas las cosas, esperamos en todas las cosas”, hemos soportado muchas cosas y esperamos poder soportar todas las cosas. Si hay algo que sea virtuoso, amoroso o de buena fama, o digno de alabanza, buscaremos ésas cosas.” 
13.Yo creo con fe completa, que habrá vida en los muertos cuando el creador (bendito su nombre) lo decida, y su nombre será enaltecido por siempre.